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Pyramid Lake Museum and Visitors Center 2018 Calendar

I am honored my images were chosen for the 2018 Pyramid Lake Museum and Visitors Center Calendar.

The 2018 Pyramid Lake Museum Calendar is available at the Museum and Visitors Center in Nixon, NV. Address below…

      Address: 709 State St, Nixon, NV 89424

      Phone: (775) 574-1088

Chemigram Workshop by Nolan Preece - October 2017

The October 2017 three-day chemigram workshop instructed by Nolan Preece, is the third chemigram workshop that I have attended at the St. Mary’s Art Center in historic Virginia City, NV. Any chemigram print is totally unique and one of a kind, and cannot be duplicated. Various chemigram prints I have created will be on display at my website, and will be available for purchase as limited edition prints in early 2018.         

'Nonfigurative Photo' Chemigram Workshop Review - October 13, 2016

There was a recent write up by Manhattan Nonfigurative Photo about Nolan Preece's annual chemigram workshop in Virginia City, NV. If you are curious about chemigram prints the students are producing in the class, there is a chemigram print example from each student posted on the Nonfigurative Photo blog site (link below). This blog site posts out of New York City from the Manhattan Graphics Center, which is part of the International Center for Photography.

Chemigram Workshop by Nolan Preece - Fall 2016

I recently participated in a three day Chemigram workshop from 09/30/16 - 10/02/16, instructed by Nolan Preece at St. Mary's Art Center in historic Virginia City, Nevada. This is my second chemigram workshop, the first workshop I attended was in the fall of 2014. If you don't know what a chemigram is, or the camera-less photographic process involved to create one, check out Nolan Preece's website

Nolan Preece is a pioneer of the chemigram, and an innovator and master of the craft. Each chemigram that is created is unique, and cannot be duplicated, although the process and chemicals used to create a particular chemigram may cause them to look similar to other chemigram's created by the same process and chemicals, which can create a cohesive body of work. In the near future, I will be digitally post processing and posting my chemigram creations from both chemigram workshops I attended, on this website. 

Check out the St. Mary's Art Center website to learn more about exhibitions, workshops, etc. 

          St. Mary's Art + Retreat Center


"Tufascapes of Winnemucca Lake" - McKinley Arts & Culture Center | Reno, NV (October 12th through November 20th 2015)

McKinley Exhibit 2015

"Tufascapes of Winnemucca Lake" was on display from October 12th 2015, through November 20th 2015, at the McKinley Arts & Culture Center in Reno, Nevada..

Through the photographic medium, this exhibit showcases natural tufa formations at Winnemucca Lake Nevada, which were created thousands of years ago from discharging springs at the bottom of ancient Lake Lahontan.  These photographic works were created by using various photographic and post processing (digital darkroom) techniques.

McKinley Arts & Culture Center is located directly across from the Truckee River near downtown Reno. Address listed below:

925 Riverside Dr, Reno, NV 89503

Phone: (775) 334-2417

"Tufascapes of Winnemucca Lake" Washoe County Library System | Spanish Springs Branch | Sparks, NV (May1st - June 30th 2015)

"Altered States"University of Nevada Reno | Photography Department - Exit Gallery (Summer 2014)

UNR Altered States Exhibit

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